Saturday, July 08, 2006

daddy jus broke a mirror when i asked him to buy me a keyboard as he is going to sim lim square tml. :'[ its an accident. he diao-ed me when i sae UNLUCKY. :'[ cries. i m sure he is going to buy one. xD forgotten to say a new mouse. hmmsy.

todae is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day. hmmsy. woke up with a very MAN voice. xD den papa was using de com. so i called chiamin. :] she tot i was crying. xD blah. den asked mama if i can go out or not. she say cant. BUT she n papa n sis is going out later. i m alone at home. i hate being alone at home when i m sick. she insisted tat i should stay at home. :'[ but i still went out. :]

spent around 1 hour alone at void deck n tmart becus chiamin dont have de key to go out. yanshan came n find meeee after tat. n after meeting her. chiamin came. :] went to eat. n den. marissa came. den went to tm. bought lemon honey. my throat got better. :] thankew de MINs for introducing. xD

went to marissa housey. dens. her parents bought me n chiamin for dinner as it was marissa's mother's birthday. :] thank you wonderful marissa. xD ate icecream cake tooo. den marissa's papa send us homee. :]] reached home at 10++. so its a long day. :]]

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