Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i m dam freaking unlucky dis few weeks. i am afraid tat tml i will step on dog shit once i go out. :"[

i've got shity fever and sore throat last last week or soemthing. followed by english project. which i am very stress of. but it turn out well today.? i dont know. dens. last week is peaceful.? hmms. thinkso. but till saturday. i got flu and cough. no. its on friday. den monday got swimming. i WANT to swim. but i m sick. and. :] but i still swam. nothing happen. :]

jus today. i lost my ezlink card. i foolishly think tat i swing n swing until it dropped out. de card holder thingy tat marissa gave is still there. and i wanted to take bus home. and i shook my wallet. and found 70 cents. and i was thinking heng ah. still got coins. :] BUT. i found my money is GONE. i am not sure how much i bought to sch today. but i know my emergency use $5 which i always hide in my wallet is GONE. chiamin know i like to hide money. :] i left de movie money on de table dis morning as i tot i have tuition and wont be going. i had around 15 and left with 70 cents. blahs. nvm. i gave it to de needys.

went i came home. i got scoldings by my mother. :'[ in front of my tuition teacher. its my fault to leave de wallet in de classroom. if i took it with me nothing like dis would happen blah blah blah. >:[ later i will have scoldings by papa. den things about their daughter losing things will spread to myu aunts. and spread to uncles. cousins. AHHS. den the whole generation will know about it. o:

i relate all the things together. ALL. :] i shall go and get money frm papa. and make my new card tml. hope he will be back home LATE. den i shall jus leave a note. and go to slp. save those scoldings. for the future. :]

ahhs. hope u get std. >:{

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