Monday, July 31, 2006

i am tired. :[ marissa asked me if i am hungry during lessons. she asked me 4 times.she wont be hungry. becus she had sotong ball with rice. :] was not slpy during lesson. :] told sugu tat i didnt got de compo but she sae she will deal with me later. but she didnt. she will deal with me tml. :'[

swimming. swimmed 4 times accrossss. always go out of air. den i will catch someone's hand. and go up. :] legs are tired. :'[ went to eat. and went home. do a lil of tuition hmk and went to take a short nap. :] woke up and complete tuition hmk. AHHHHHHHS. i wonder why is there so many things waiting for me to complete it. i collected them. :]

yawns. i am still tired. <:{

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