Friday, July 07, 2006

blahs. i wont be like others writing a long essay dedicated to sugu. i am lazy. i m trying not to be bothered. blahs.

today. normal day. got back our books. waste of time. but i dont really mind. wad i mind is. my books are. torn and tattered.? ok. not torn. jus. so. untidy. makes me dont feel like writing on de book. touching the book. de most fortunate thing is. i bought home my math textbook as i tot there is hmk tat day. IF my math tb is being placed with those STACKS of books. it will be DESTROYED. becus. its coverpage is alrdy ruin by MEEEEEEEEE. :]

went home with a heavy bag today. AHHS. wad if i forget bring books to sch. like wad i have told marissa today. I FEEL INSECURE WITHOUT MY BOOKS UNDER THE TABLE and wonderful handphone WITH ME TODAY. :'[ big sighs. i m sure tat i will forget to bring alot of books. :'[

after schooooooools. jiamin n yanshan came over to my housey. followed by shien den we went to tmart de mac. jiamin added chilli into my coke. -.- i will remmeber it jiamin. *evil smile* took bus home and reached home. n my throat is itchy. *cough*

i shall drink more water. it WILL be ok tml. like other days. :]

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