Monday, July 03, 2006

woooooooooooooos. youth dae. went out with jorene. xD HMMSY. i've got wad i wanted. n i feel HAPPY. i dont know why. whenever i spent alot of money. i feel feel contented n HAPPY. xDD lalalas. i m in goody mood. xD

hmmsy. walked at bugis village for a LOOOONG time. bought a coat. dens. a. thingy. i dont know wads tat. xDD went to icon. realise tat. its abit COLD there. as in. nobody one. :'[ den walked around. me n jorene climbed de stairs. -.- we tot there is no lift. n found out there is one. beside de staircase. xD went to the shopping mall. bought de cute notebook. xD lallaas. den went back to bugis village. jorene want to buy her STUFFS.

hmmsy. den we felt tired. n went back to de shopping mallll. n i spent my last $2 on a. cute thingy. xD hmmsy. made a lil promise with jorene. :] den went back to tampines n jorene bought her voodoo doll. n we went home :]

i m tired. but happily tired. :]]

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