Monday, July 24, 2006

BLAHS. my internet didnt work ytd. :'[ i tot i was going to rot at home. but wonderful jiamin came n pei-ed me. she roller bladed to my house. :]

she came and we ate kfc chicken thingy. i was having cough. :] nvms. den talked on de phone n blah blah blahs. daddy told me the singnet wadever people can onli come on tuesday. i was thiniking. how m i going to survive. :'[ den i made alot of lies. saying tat there is prokect to rush on. BLAH BLAH BLAH. daddy called again. but sitll cannot. :"[ but NEVERMIND. let bygones be bygones. i m happily sitting in front of the computer updating now. :]

todae. still coughing. den got health check. dens. got SWIMMING. its fun fun fun. i know how to float. n i will learn how to swim and nobody can call me a duck. >:{ swimmed till 3 i think. or 2++ went shower. den waited for the rest. xD ate mac. dens went to find chiamin's fren. and went home with chiamin's hp. *evil smile*

wiggle wiggle wiggle hope ur legs will go wobble.

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