Sunday, July 16, 2006

blah blah blah. ACTUALLY i m going to sentosa with chiamin n yanshan. :'[ BUT. my brother came back for lunch and dont allow me to go. i was mad at him at first. but its ok after he gave me money. :]

i killed a cockroach today. wonderful me. i used a slipper n slap n slap n slap without looking. n i went run run run into the living room n told them i saw a cockroach. bro went out n saw a FLATTENED one. killed by me, belinda. :] its very disgusting n heng its not my slipper. :] muhahaas.

done all my homeworks. :] i m a good girl. it have been confirmed tat mama dont wan to find anymore work for dis year. n next year she is going to open a flower shop or something related to flower. hope it will be at orchard again. i can go shopping and get money frm her. like de past. :] but for now. i cant go home late without valid reasons. i cannot use computer for a LONG LONG period of time. sighs.

swimming tml. :] fun fun. art tml. xDD blah blah blaahs. :]


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