Friday, August 31, 2007


i think everyone was feeling very nervous at the backstage. i was too. -o- i dont know why when i look at the audience i feel like laughing. we are supposed to look happy anyway. very paiseh leh on the stage. but no point of being shy after practicing for so long. skipping so many recess. staying back after school till 5,6 or 7. i think i was a lil shy la. but i didnt stop smiling/laughing. but weird leh. during rehearsals i cannot really smile alot. i think i look really happy.

oh ya. i saw marissa who said that she want to take revenge (long story). and den chiamin and meiqi laughing. they must be thinking WHY BELINDA WILL DANCE AH. i glanced at cheryl. up in the gallary i saw kheo yanshan in her red jacket. so spottable. yiming told me he kept looking at her. red jacket u see.

but really bad omens happened just before the show. when we were at the backstage. the roses were locked in the furniture room. people's pants tore. had to open the furniture room to get extra pants and the roses. everybody was.. panicking? but i guess this one is the best dance la. ;D

i am uploading the video. daddy said, "your friend who took this video (gillian) has a big problem. a serious big one." HAHAHAS. but too bad. i still cant upload the videos. ;[ think its too big.

ok den. i shall try again tml. xD


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

freakkkking tired. ;[ reached home at 2++ ytd. uncle's funeral. ended todayyyyy. heard that my cousins (his sons and daughters) cried badly. ;/ i mean who wont. cannot imagine daddy leaving me. even in the future. he have to anyway.
(oh yea. its half month ytd. if uncle is still here. he will visit our house to pray for gong gong and popo. ;[ )

rehearsals today again. ran through 4 times. -o- tired la. only had 4hours++ of sleep. if there isnt rehearsal i wont go to school. ;D but if i dont go, yiming would have to dance alone. ;]] slpt during chinese. heeeeeheeeehees. i think wang lao shi must be very sad. ;]

history was interesting though. no, history is not studying about dead people. xD

oh yaa. we have to change to leggings on friday. ;[ really irritating at times. but the teachers have to save their own skins. but i think we did a good job by not smiling while dancing after that. i dont think anyone has the mood to.

ok. bye. i shall wait for nabillah to send me some pics. ;D

Sunday, August 26, 2007

i am thinking should i go to the funeral later on. i am excused because theres school tml. ;D feel like going leh. should i should i. later nobody pei me talk again. ;[ den i will have to hear aunts talk about hai nan dao and ancestors and medisave and tsunami and bananas. ;[ all i can do is nod my head, shake my head and smile. -o-

i think i will play 10 games of suduko. xD so fun. thats the only fun thing i can do there. ;[ and taking random pictures.

think some cousins will be there later. but again, we have nothing to talk about. we used to crap alot last time. u know, children can click with random things like chocolates. but now they can only talk about online games and stuff. guys. female cousin. 2 who are 20++ (nothing to talk about), 1 who is 7 or 8. sighs. same age all guys. sighs. i wonder how we got along as children. ;[

emo baby.

looks likea heart shape. ;D


mummy bought me a very cute pajamas. ;D so cute.

ok. i shall see if should i go there. ;[

"whats up with your attitude sweetie. what you said is a real disappointment. i didnt really expect you to say something like that. should i hang a board around my neck which says, my uncle passed away please hug me? please, i will only TELL(using my mouth not blog) people whom i am comfortable with. or should i say you didnt even notice that something happened? yea yea. why i liddat ah? because i treasure my uncle. you too, should learn how to treasure the ones around you. not taking them for granted."
marissa's post made me emo again. well, who dont miss those time. ;D hahas. clever marissa knows what those times mean. so clever nehx. but i dont think its your fault you forgotten about the muffins my friend, yanshan was shatteredmuffin (that time she very emo). so lame. you were a muffin for a few hours. you claimed that its dumb. soo hurting. ;[

yes. went to uncle's funeral. so many people. -o- i was stucked with a couple of aunts who blabbered from ancestors to medisave to tsunami to how unfilial kids became and lastly, uncle calling me banana. -o- their topic are so boring that i played.. 8 games of suduko. my cousins didnt go today.

well, one of my aunt insisted that we should go to hai nan dao to see our hainanese ancestors. -o- uh, she claimed that they are very rich and have a house with 30 over rooms. -o- den it linked to my uncle wanting to visit hai nan dao since my bro's wedding. he said he wanna go with aunt but aunt says: see la, keep on saying wait wait wait. now he go himself.

i am a hainanese but i dont know how to speak the language. ;[

went to see uncle.. in the coffin. got shock. -o- super pale and super skinny face. the image is in my head now. -o- ahs.! cancer. sighs.

ok. i am tirrrred. tuition tml. bye.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

soooooo tired.

going to get accessories stuffs with charmaine, mai, nabillah and jannah later. though i cant stay for long i think. no. maybe i can stay till 4-5. den i will have to attend the funeral. daddy was being normal i think. he was.. watching some dvd when i reached home. a comedy. -o-

yesterday. went to meet yanshan and marissa at inter. thats when i realise yanshan walk like a duck. ;D went to marina square. we made the same mistake. ate yuki and yaki. ;D yummmmmmmms. u can read the excuse me story at yanshan's blog. -o- so stupid.

went ceni and watched secret. nice. touching. no tears. very twisting. xD got on the last train and last bus. marissa was feeling very fortunate for that. she went HENG AH HENG AH alot of times.

yesssssssssss. hmms. uh. thank you for the consoles thru phonecalls, msgs and tags. plus those in school. ;D i am ok. ya. i dreamt of a small boy observing a grasshopper last night. -o- ok. thank you. ;]

ok. i think i am going to be late.


Friday, August 24, 2007

uncle passed away. sighs. i didnt know how to react lol. like, he is not VERY close to me. at the same time, he is not those kind of relative whom i will meet like.. one year one time? i see him monthly. ;[ i feel like crying. but i cant. but i did. i dont know why.

seriously, the last thing i would do is to dance. -o-

super bad day. first thing in the morning is amaths test. lol. i preparing to fail that paper. den chem. dont understand a single thing the teacher is saying. thats when i saw mummy's msg about uncle. ;[ den my emotion was quite mixed. den comes the irritation. den comes the 'no one understands part'. den the normal part.

well, i think i am still going out with them later. mummy daddy and sis wont be home. they are going to uncle's house. i dont want to be alone at home. -o- so, the plan continues. i need food. i need comfort food. ;[

arghs. yes. its expected. last month we knew that he only can live for another 2 weeks. but he lived more than a month. yes yes. his sufferings end. liver cancer. sighs.

let me be emo.


"its not that i dont want to tell. no, you wont understand."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

internet was very lag ytd. ;[

had rehearsal today. have to switch with mai and huiting. yiming and i standing in front.. of the sec 3s. -o- still have to plaster that smile on my face. i will laugh. ;D but i find it hard to smile all the way. sometimes i was concentrating on the dance steps den my face will turn serious. ;]

oh ya. had dental checkup today. ahhs. i was quite.. scared. blame those fierce dental nurse in tnps. ;[ but this time the nurse was very nice. ;D but still hurts la. i have to go back next tuesday. ;[

sfl was about.. relationship with parents? quite ok. i missed 1/4 of the thing i guess. den rehearsal. den went home. ;D

its friday tml. ;D

shall post the class photo when yiming scans it. ;D


why is everybody doing the same. is it human nature? well. i dont think i can bring myself to tell. but. really, everybody does the same. both.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

AHHHS. A FREAKING GRASSHOPPER IS HAUNTING ME. daddy told me not to sweep it away. he said. later is gong gong or ah ma how..? so rude.. tsk tsk tsk. (stares at grasshopper) I DONT KNOW IS HE TRYING TO FREAK ME OUT OR WHAT.

even freakier. first time is in the living room. den sis sweep it away. second time was in my room. daddy helped me catch. third. last night. when i was falling asleep. the grasshopper was on my bed. making random noises like DAP... DAP... DAP... i ran out. mummy helped me to catch. this morning. i saw it outside.

and the grasshopper is BIG. reallly big. ;[ its green in colour. ;[ eh. issit a praying mantis. ;/ whatever. its big and green. and make a freaking sound whenever it flies like a beetle. AHHHS.

today. english was boooorring. -o- went through compre. almost falling asleep. i mean. i slpt. ;D no english. no poa. mr ex-policeman came. he voice is like so.. monotone. -o- like a lullaby. chem. mr teo like to on SLOW classical music while he is teaching. -o-

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so bad.

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went ikea after schooooooool. dance again tml. yes tiring and fun. though it takes up alot of time. but i hope the final thing would be nice. ;D


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

have to study for maths test tml. ;[

i think many people were upset today. in their own conflicts. aces day la. during teacher's day somemore.. we have to perform leh. ;[

had rehersals after school today. saw other performances den we went to music room and practiced our own. everybody was moodless at first. but after that not bad la. ;D

yiming telling everybody bout the ghost story.

hehehes. no dance tml. ;D yay. cca. yay. yay. yay. friday is approaching. yay. yay. yay.

ok. i have to study for maths test. ;]

"how am i going to tell you."

Monday, August 20, 2007

danced again. ;D

so fun. the steps are much more simpler than the previous one i guess. sorry yiming for stepping your leg and scratching your face. i will cut my nails later. ;]

more partner moves. i think its easier leh. but yiming very fast. ya la ya la. i slow, not he fast. ;[

the whole rehearsal starts tml. ;] the performance is on 310807. wooooooooooooooooos. how exciting..

took a video of the dance. think i will post it tml. ;D hohohos.

thank you maine maine. ;D

nabillah's bday present is the pink one.

i stepped on it. ;D


so many random pictures. class blog need. ;D