Monday, May 28, 2007

wooooooohoooos. i will be leaving TONIGHT. :]

once again, thank you those who wished me bon voyage, take care and good luck. :] hope the plane wont crash down or something. and hope i wont forget to bring anything. i will do some triple checking later on. :] double isnt enough.

i will miss yanshan. i will miss my bed. i will miss piggy. i will miss my computer. i will miss qoo. i will miss.. EVERYTHING. xD


Sunday, May 27, 2007


after cutting that spike hair, he got very obsessed with it.-o- he went to the mirror 3-4 times today. and said things like, 怎么办!我的头没有毛了! and he will keep making his hair. -o-

chicken pie. :]

gillian's room was very messy. -o- even messier when yanshan and wenxian came.

stayed at gillian house till 9++ and went home. :] i needa pack some of my stuffs.

i have this really really strong feeling that i will forget to bring something. -o- just something. ahhhs.. how.?

i will be leaving for china tml night. :] hehehehe. thank you those who wished me bon voyage/good luck/take care. :]

byebye. xD
oh my. those who are going to china tml must be very excited. -o-

but i cannot feel that kind of excitement. :'[ 8 DAYS LEH.

maybe i can feel it tml. maybe.

i am going to be a kind soul and go to gillian's housey later. and help her pack her stuffs. maybe find cheryl and dennis later if possible. :]


Saturday, May 26, 2007

ahhs. today is not a long day. ;] daddy and mummy dont allow me to go out today. because i reached home late yesterday. and they saaid that i need to 'rest for my china trip'. -o-

my room is in one of its worst state now. -o- i have been b-u-s-y the whole week. now its extreamly messy. :"[

going to china on monday. i dont know why i have this FEELING that i will forget bring something. -o- i will cry my lungs out if i didnt bring my hp or camera charger. :/ maybe i should create a checklist or something.


i had to translate this to english and read it out loud ALONE. while others read in chinese together. :[

food. :]

jerome sweating, drinking chocolate milk, wearing winne the pooh shirt. :]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


found alot of retarded pictures. -o- shant post it up. i hope jared wont post it up too. :] hehehes. i needa pack my rooom. or else mummy will go crazy.


and yes, i found a baby in gillian's room.

ok. byebye.

went to schoool. ate breadfast. quite weird. very weird. extreamly weird.

its 1.15am. and i just realise yiming and yanshan are waiting for me to update my blog. -o- i really didnt know la. xD

stayed back a while after school for the one to one talk with ms cai. :/ i have to sit with ernest next term. dont really want leh. is i unlucky not he unlucky lor. :[ nevermind

den went to look for mr leong. he explained to me the china stuffs. quite long. :/ thankyou jascintha charmaine jared and jiamin for waiting. :]

went home bath and change. :] went to jared housey. had pizza and stuffs. BUT. charmaine didnt send me photos. :[ i shall post it another time, when she sends me. :]

i played majong. :] i won 2 rounds leh. :] hehehehehe.

yes. den at 6plus went to gillian's house. she made muaji (dont know how to spell). quite nice la. xD she burnt her hand because of that. :[

went with them to their tuition (again). regretted a lil. cause i was very tired. :/ and i missed the 9pm show. :[ i wasted some time there. xD stayed back a while after that. not a while. an hour or so. -o- den ate supppper. :}

and yyyyes. yiming and wenxian pei-ed me to the bus stop. because gillian ran away without telling me. :[ her mother rushing her home. :[

by the end of the day, yiming, wenxian and my handphone are batt-less. -o-

ok. super long and boring post. quite sian. because i am tired. :/ i willl post pics. when charmaine sends me. :[ that liar.

"because i dont know"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

yes. another super super loooong day la. :[[

school is normal. but during sfl we had to watch other classes play basketball. such a hot day. :/ i prefer staying in the classroom and have some boring enrichment stuffs.

after schoool, went to look for mr leong. -o- BUT I CANT FIND HIM. in the end i had to call him. he told me to go back to school at 5pm to get that china booklet. but i cant make it. xD tml den..

went home baath change and ate kaya bread. :] den went out to look for my dearest camera battery. cant find it anywhere. :[ they say must go the kyocera shop. ahhhs. why.. china trip is on MONDAY. nevermind, i have super mummy. :]

went to changi hospital to visit yanshanny. she is discharged today. :] happy recovery of that contagious dengue fever. :] its meant to be a secret that shes in hospital you know. xD so, past few days. i have been going to the hospital after school. but no matter what. wen xian 的功劳永远最大。


yanshan discharged and we went eastpoint. :] ate some jap food. :] hehehes. and ya. i was a lightbulb. :[ big one. but both of them are BAD. :[ i was walking in front of them and den went i turn, both of them disappeared. :[[ and came back. laughing. :[

never mind. never mind.

and yes. i have a pic. but yanshan dont let me post. :[ so no pics today. :]

tml will be PIZZA DAY. :] YAY. last day of school!!!!!!! YAY. china on monday!!!!!!!!! YAY(?).

hohoho. byebye.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

omg. what a long day..

didnt go to school today. :]] but mummy woke me up at 7 going to 8.-o- followed her to send daddy to work and we went to update my passport photo. :]

ahhhhhhs. they didnt allow me to use that passport size photo which is taken in school. -o- so i had to take another photo. which sucks. the person there kept asking me to push up my fringe. den i was quite irritated by then. den i just push aside. and den..

sighs. :[

went home and slpt. :] which is the reason why i dont feel tired now. -o-

den went out agaiiiiiiinnnnnnn..... at night went gillian's tuition. :] hehehes. ate pizza. quite paiseh. dont know why. like. you are not the people there and you turn up. and.. ate pizza. -o- nevermind. xD thinking if to join their tuition. thinking. maybe not. tooo distracting i guess. hahahas.

went home after that. ;]

gahhhs. i have to go to school tml. :[ have to look for mr leong after school tml. since he asked some teacher to call my mother to pass the message to me. -o- weird lehhhh. just for some china booklet which costs $20. and i have to collect it myself. -o-

china trip group members. O:

i was bored at gillian's house. :[

ehs. who is this ah. :]]]


its 11pm nowwwwww. wooooooooooooooooooooooos......

"no matter how foolish is it.. its over now."

yiming reminded me something super paiseh on the bus. -o- i tapped my card. den i thought ok alrdy. i went to sit near the door with gillian and others. den the uncle turned i tell me to pay cash. -o- den i was like. huh.? den i tapped. CARD INVALID.

pay cash lor. :[ den the whole bus was like looking at me. if i was alone i will cry my lungs out. -o-

ok. the end. goodnight. -o-

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


bad bad day. sighs. seems that lotsa of things are happening. stacking up higher and higher. :[

uncle.. blah blah and blahs.

:[ (?)


daddy is naggy now. because i said 去死啦。 and hung the phone. when i reached home. he started talking and talking and talking.

sighs. :/ my father kept telling me he resigned. -o- aiya. no more free trial handphones liao. :[ i HOPE he didnt. he told me just now. from next month onwards he will put my monthly allowance inside my posb account. -o-

thats not a very good news. maybe sometimes i am tempted to buy some stuffs and spend those money. :/ i am not very good at this kind of planning. because i cannot control myself. hehehehes. nevermind. i will try for 1 month. :]

thinking if to go to school tml. :/ hmms. should i.? mummy is bringing me to update my passport photo. :/ isnt it too last minute.? i am going china next monday. :]

yes. china. i hope i will have some fun. sighs. but when i come back, die liao la. TONS OF HOLIDAY HOMEWORKS AND PROJECT. :/ holiday indeed. -o- isnt a period for us to rest our dried brains.? wonder what are they thinking. ;[

gahgahgahs. byebye. ;[[[

Monday, May 21, 2007

i think i am going to have a sore throat. :/

omg no..........

today is an extreamly boring day. i slpt alot but i am still very tired. :/ sighs. issit a good thing or a bad thing.

i am going china next monday. :] hehehehs. school trip. and tml we will collect our t-shirts. bright orange. so that if we get lost they can find us back. -o-

i am still tired. and i am not really sad. -o- gillian sim. please please please ask me before you conclude anything. -o- when i see yanshan's blog i was like. ?.? that explains the funny msgs i received. -o-

get what i mean.?

i am not sad/angry or whatever just because of that. if i want to, it would be earlier. -o- weirdo.

yes. i want to sleep. :]


Sunday, May 20, 2007

YAY. BOUGHT A NEW BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally. :] gillian says i am picky. :[ bought another top too. hhehehehess.

went to trim my hair a lil in the morning. now its almost no difference. hahahas. nevermind. xD den went to find yanshan and gillian. went bugis after that. :}

walked walked walked. den went yanshan house. :} weenxian was there toooooooooooo. yanshan cooked noodles for me. :] sat a while den went home. xD

i am tired. extreamly. -o-

heels strap broke. :[

yay. :]

yanshan, dont beee sad. :[
sorry marissa for not asking you along. :]
i cut my hair today. :] hohohoo. somekind of weird. :"[ i think i am not used to it. but i am going to trim a lil tml again. :/ i really think the back part dont suit me. xD

met with yanshan at first. i was late. :] bought lemonade and went to meet gillian. went gillian's aunt shop. and spent almost the whole day there. :/ freaking sian. nobody play with me. :[ yanshan had to help gillian's aunt take picture. soooo. we stayed there.

the actual plan was: cut hair. go bugis. go bedok. :/ now only. cut hair. go bedok.

went bedok 85. waited for that freaking wenxian for a long time. :/ you know, i was hungry. ate satay. :] nooodles. and ate somekind of peanut soup or something. :] nice.

went we are walking to the bus stop. something freaking paiseh happened.-o- nevermind. :}

gahgahgahgahs. reached home at 10. :[ daddy got scared because i went to his room and shouted: 我回来了!he went like. O: +jump.

before cutting hair. :]

weird fringe. :"[






:} i have to bend ;]


woww, its 1.17am. :/ going out tml again.. i really really want a new bag.! :[ sighs. but i cant find one nice onnnnnnnnnnnneee.... :"[

tml.. will be the day. ;}

"if someone borrows your heart without asking, they might return it broken."

Saturday, May 19, 2007

ok. its 1.12am and yanshan is bugging me to update my blog. -o-

realised that i have alot of really random pictures in my hp.-o- about 100 of them. and i didnt clear them.. :/ seriously its random. -o-

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
mother's day- scenery which many people took. HOW CAN I MISS THE FUN. :]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
mother's day- super big bowl of 拉面.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
marissa's bro.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
swaying palmtreees (i think). :]

yes. i really want to sleeeeeeep. though there are alot of pics. but i am l-a-z-y. tml will be an interesting day. :]

see me tml. :]
"I'd rather be disliked for who I am, than to be liked for who I am not."

Friday, May 18, 2007

omg. i am tired.

ahhhhhhhhhs....................................... :"[

i will blog. tml. :]


Thursday, May 17, 2007

i am feeling very %^&*( now.


i want to blog about it. but i think i cant. its rather.. hmms. mean. :]

for those who know about it:

please. :"[ like that i dont want my poa marks le la. dont want le la. 还/送给你。:"[

and yes. i told daddy about my marks. he seem to be happy about it. :/ why ah. last time, when i get very average percentage like 60-65 i will get very happy. but now with 69.6%, i am not. :"{ maybe its because of the class. everyone seem to get very very good grades. maybe 69.6% is like, nothing.

maybe its like what yanshan said. i didnt give myself an aim to achieve. :"[ (i forgotten, i was busy mugging/playing) thats why now. i feel so empty/unhappy.

omg. am i like, changing.? :"[

KheoYewBeach♥ xoxo says:
i rmb last time we girls very good at maths one : D

i want to go back to 2e3. :"[


didnt go to school today. :] i didnt dare to face the results on the sheet. ;[

jared sent me the 'actual' results (combined with ca). ahhhhhhhs. >.<
EL 58.5 C5
CL 66.6 B3
e.maths 75.6 A1
a.maths 64.6 B4
combined sci 69.3 B3 (@#$%^&*)
combined hum 63.3 B4
poa 89.3 A1


ok.. i will.. try again. :"[ i shall start studying for end of year. anyone wants to join me. ;D

hehehehehe. hehehehhee.

"A hug overcomes all boundaries. It speaks words within the mind that cannot be spoken."

Wednesday, May 16, 2007



today. another boring school day. :"[ boring like s-i-a-o. slept quite alot. :}} dont know why. very tired. :/

yes. sis-in-law sent me something very COOOOOOOOOOOOL. :]

HEHEHEHE. i dont LOVE hello kitty. but i find this hotel very CUUUUUTE. xDD erms. i am not weird. but. its cute righhhhhhht. very cute. :}}

hehee. jorene and cheryl must be happy. because they see hello kitty. :]

its just that i have nothing to blog about. :]

"Don't let your mind rule over your heart."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

omg. i am tired. :"[ sleepy. hhhelp.

got results today. :/ ahhhhs. got alot of 69. :"[ ahhhhhhs.......................... just one more mark i can get a2. :}}

and my poa get 96. :]]] HEHEHHEHEHHEE. top whole level leh. :}}}}}}}

but other subjects not really good. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHS. passed everything. borderline. 60++ ..

gahhhhhhhhhs. why why why. :"{

i want to sleep.

good night. ;]

"Tiny stars, shining bright, it's time for me to say good night. So, close your eyes and snuggle up tight, I'm wishing you sweet dreams tonight."


Monday, May 14, 2007

hehehe. ok. i am happy again. :}}}}}}}

but tml needa get exams result. :/ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs. i cant enjoy after tml.......... ahhhhhhhhhhhhs. how how how.


lets dance the hula dance. :]


"The stars are constantly shining, but often we do not see them until the darkest hours."
ahhhs. i am feeling rather irritated now. :/

because of mummy. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

she woke me up at 7am. because she wanna ask bro to bring us out for lunch. suppose to be supper yesterday. but mummy says too late blah blah and blah.

went suntec. wanted to have some japanese buffet. but renovation. -o- so we changed to some dim sum. not very nice. too bland. serving too much. 2 person can share one bowl of 拉面. we didnt know that. :/

yes. walked around after that. den mummy told bro she wanna buy a new luggage BECAUSE SHE IS GOING PERTH.

grrrrrrs. when i asked her if i can have a new luggage for the school china trip she said. FOR WHAT. AT HOME SO MANY LUGGAGE LIAO. WASTE MONEY. DONT NEED LA. etc. etc.

now leh. -o- den i repeated exactly what she say to me to her. den she said. NOT SAME. not same 大便 la. -o- and one more thing. we agreed that end of year we will go perth together because its suppose to be this june holiday but i am going for the china trip. -o-

showed the black face all the way. -o-

asshole. >:[


told bro about it and he said. she is like that one la. you dont know meh.?

AHHHS. i am going to complain to daddy. >:[

byebye. :'[


Sunday, May 13, 2007


nothing much actually. bro is coming over later at night to bring us for SUPPER. ;/ omg.

hehehehes. i slept alot today. :] woke up for mummy. but the first thing she said is. WHY YOU EVERYDAY ALSO GO SHOPPING. ALOT MONEY AH.

only 2 days lor. -o-

and i am spending daddy's money. not hers. :/ but since its mother's day. i decided not to 顶嘴 and kept quiet. :]

gahgahgahs. i slpt for another 2 hours since its raining. :] hehehee. shuang. i need to clear my black eye rings. :"[ sad hor. but sometimes i realise no matter how much i have slpt. its still there. sad me.

i think i want to change my blogskin.. yes. i should change my blogskin and blog link. after such a long time. :]

hehehes. i will find inspiration. :} hehehs.

byeeee. xD

Saturday, May 12, 2007


went shopping with marissa. she is sad.

aiya. marissa dont sad la. you can always have a new one. unlike me. dont have any. right.


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmms. wanted to buy a new bag. i didnt see any i like. :"[ bought some random stuffs. like a new shirt. 2 notebooks. earrings thingy.

cannot feel that shuang-ness. :"[

shall go shopping another day.

ok. i am really very sian now. i shall watch goong 2. :] mummy bought it. quite boring in a way. :/ nevermind.

mother's day tml. i am going to make mummy breadfast and buy a flower for her. :} hehehhes. what if i cant wake up. O: lunch then. xD



marissa reminded me that we offended people today.:}


Thursday, May 10, 2007


i dont really think i will pass. border line maybe. xDD nevermind. 我尽力了。

i sound very pathetic. ;[

jascintha came over yesterday. and we did maths. talked about the china trip. :] bro came 2 days ago. and he gave me $100. :] but if he is old next time. i needa return him twice. :} nobody remembers by then.


ate cereal this morning. H-A-P-P-Y. i dont know why. xD

look a lil gross. :]

i want to sleep. no more brainnnnnn juice.

poa tml. :/

[x] english 1
[x] chinese 1
[x] ss
[x] chem
[x] history
[x] e. maths 1
[x] english 2
[x] physics
[x] chinese 2
[x] e.maths 2
[x] a. maths
[ ] poa


because you hate me

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


but amaths tml. :"[ omg. i am scared. xD emaths paper 2 today is weird. some sort of weird feeling that i will get wrong though i think i did it correctly. xD but there are some CONFIRM WRONG answers. xD

after that went food court. it raaaaaaained. went cheryl's house with marissa yiming and andy. 'studied' poa. xD

gonna meet with jascintha later i guessssssss. some last minute stuffs. :] hehehe. i feel like i am going on a war alone if i study ALONE. :"[ you know, 独军作战。

some lame pictures. marissa is right. the previous hp's is clearer. although both are 2 megapixels. sad me.

cheryl's cool picnic table. :] i want. :]

thiiiis thing is fun. if nobody blows it or fling it.

i always feel andy looks like something. but i cant think what issit. i shall observe.. :}

yay. felicia just reminded me to bring my physics workbook. i will bring tml. :] hehehes. i dont know why but i keep forgetting about it. xD

hohoho. amaths time. :"[



[x] english 1
[x] chinese 1
[x] ss
[x] chem
[x] history
[x] e. maths 1
[x] english 2
[x] physics
[x] chinese 2
[x] e.maths 2
[ ] a. maths
[ ] poa


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SAY YAY!!!!!!!!

3 more days and mye is OVER. :}

hohoho. exciting. :]

el paper 2 and physics today. compre passage was BORRRRING. :"{

gahhhhhhhhhs. maths and chinese paper 2 tml.



[x] english 1
[x] chinese 1
[x] ss
[x] chem
[x] history
[x] e. maths 1
[x] english 2
[x] physics
[ ] chinese 2
[ ] e.maths 2
[ ] a. maths
[ ] poa

Monday, May 07, 2007

my mother is irritating me. :"[

her nags are as irritating like the buzzing bees outside. >:[

history paper today. isnt that bad i guess. maths paper 1 too. freaking hot today. :"[ slpt for 15 mins and i was sweating. :"[

wanted to go home straight after the papers. but i decided to go mac and sit a while. :] went home after that.

ahhs. physics tml. :"[

charmaine gave me this. :] yay. i love dunaNA.

tall tree with buzzing bees.

and yes. today when i finished my emaths paper. i realise i have alot of time left. and all of the sudden, i remember when i was in primary school, i use to doodle at the last page of the paper. and when i get back the paper with very low marks. daddy will say. DRAW DRAW DRAW! SEE! YOU THINK TEACHER SEE YOUR DRAWING WILL ADD MARKS ISSIT.!

and i started smiling at myself. thinking if i should doodle or not. :] since dont know when, i have to rush through the paper and didnt have time to stone/sleep/waste time. hehehe.

oh ya. daddy reads my blog.! daddy. i take amaths now leh. :] gimme more money. xDDD

i will change my blog link asap. :]

[x] english 1
[x] chinese 1
[x] ss
[x] chem
[x] history
[x] e. maths 1
[ ] english 2
[ ] physics
[ ] chinese 2
[ ] e.maths 2
[ ] a. maths
[ ] poa

6 more papers to go-



(i didnt know that you will do such things, i thought you can be trusted. sighs. its sad seeing people change isnt it.? oh ya. you didnt change. you are the same as before. and i should have known better.)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

yay. i finished memorizing history. :] i hope i wont forget it tml. :"{

in the afternoon, some freaking bees kept buzzing outside the window. >;[ i think the tree outside is way too tall. in a few years time it will reach my window (6th floor). i think i mentioned it before. someone. please chop of the tree outside. or the bees will invade my room. :"[

super tiring day. while i was reading how hitler controlled germany. i felt like sleeping. so i went down and bought ice cream. :] yay.

emaths paper 1 tml too. gahhs. :/ freaking 2 hours paper.

my mother calls this a SOTONG. -o-

cuuuuuuuute cuppie. :]

byebye. :]