Saturday, May 05, 2007

my blogger is in an extreamly weird shape. -o- look..

tell me why why why. but i am not the only one. :] hehehe. the box to type so small. :"[

met yanshan for dinner today. :} went simei. :}}}}} yums. xD i was late. very late. yanshan is too early. :} because of that, i squeezed the contacts into my eyes.

walked around eastpoint after that. and went tm. xDD bought a freaking necklace. i am asking myself why did i buy it now. :"[ but nevermind. its nice. xD went inter and yanshan met her friend. who is.. funny in a way. hahahahhas.

bought food for daddy. because he temp-gave me his hp. YAY. HEHEHHEES.

and great. i didnt study today. but i planned what to study tml. :] hist paper on monday. i hope i will do well. since i predict that i will do badly for ss. xD

i dont really feel like updating. :'[ its 11.55pm now. i open this window for dont know how long alrdy. xDD

pictures time.

yanshan and i. ;] i look weird. ;[


long time since you see her isnt it. :]

ok. finally. i am done. :]

tml will be history day. i will be in the world in hilter and stalin.

sighs. i hope i can concentrate. :]


everyone wants to go to heaven. but nobody wants to die.


i told marissa aka pikachu i will die today. and i will give her my hair.



and yes. i think my father knows my blog. i want to change blog link!!!! see. thats the bad thing if you father knows how to use a computer. :'[

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