Sunday, May 20, 2007

i cut my hair today. :] hohohoo. somekind of weird. :"[ i think i am not used to it. but i am going to trim a lil tml again. :/ i really think the back part dont suit me. xD

met with yanshan at first. i was late. :] bought lemonade and went to meet gillian. went gillian's aunt shop. and spent almost the whole day there. :/ freaking sian. nobody play with me. :[ yanshan had to help gillian's aunt take picture. soooo. we stayed there.

the actual plan was: cut hair. go bugis. go bedok. :/ now only. cut hair. go bedok.

went bedok 85. waited for that freaking wenxian for a long time. :/ you know, i was hungry. ate satay. :] nooodles. and ate somekind of peanut soup or something. :] nice.

went we are walking to the bus stop. something freaking paiseh happened.-o- nevermind. :}

gahgahgahgahs. reached home at 10. :[ daddy got scared because i went to his room and shouted: 我回来了!he went like. O: +jump.

before cutting hair. :]

weird fringe. :"[






:} i have to bend ;]


woww, its 1.17am. :/ going out tml again.. i really really want a new bag.! :[ sighs. but i cant find one nice onnnnnnnnnnnneee.... :"[

tml.. will be the day. ;}

"if someone borrows your heart without asking, they might return it broken."

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