Wednesday, May 09, 2007


but amaths tml. :"[ omg. i am scared. xD emaths paper 2 today is weird. some sort of weird feeling that i will get wrong though i think i did it correctly. xD but there are some CONFIRM WRONG answers. xD

after that went food court. it raaaaaaained. went cheryl's house with marissa yiming and andy. 'studied' poa. xD

gonna meet with jascintha later i guessssssss. some last minute stuffs. :] hehehe. i feel like i am going on a war alone if i study ALONE. :"[ you know, 独军作战。

some lame pictures. marissa is right. the previous hp's is clearer. although both are 2 megapixels. sad me.

cheryl's cool picnic table. :] i want. :]

thiiiis thing is fun. if nobody blows it or fling it.

i always feel andy looks like something. but i cant think what issit. i shall observe.. :}

yay. felicia just reminded me to bring my physics workbook. i will bring tml. :] hehehes. i dont know why but i keep forgetting about it. xD

hohoho. amaths time. :"[



[x] english 1
[x] chinese 1
[x] ss
[x] chem
[x] history
[x] e. maths 1
[x] english 2
[x] physics
[x] chinese 2
[x] e.maths 2
[ ] a. maths
[ ] poa


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