Monday, May 14, 2007

ahhhs. i am feeling rather irritated now. :/

because of mummy. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

she woke me up at 7am. because she wanna ask bro to bring us out for lunch. suppose to be supper yesterday. but mummy says too late blah blah and blah.

went suntec. wanted to have some japanese buffet. but renovation. -o- so we changed to some dim sum. not very nice. too bland. serving too much. 2 person can share one bowl of 拉面. we didnt know that. :/

yes. walked around after that. den mummy told bro she wanna buy a new luggage BECAUSE SHE IS GOING PERTH.

grrrrrrs. when i asked her if i can have a new luggage for the school china trip she said. FOR WHAT. AT HOME SO MANY LUGGAGE LIAO. WASTE MONEY. DONT NEED LA. etc. etc.

now leh. -o- den i repeated exactly what she say to me to her. den she said. NOT SAME. not same 大便 la. -o- and one more thing. we agreed that end of year we will go perth together because its suppose to be this june holiday but i am going for the china trip. -o-

showed the black face all the way. -o-

asshole. >:[


told bro about it and he said. she is like that one la. you dont know meh.?

AHHHS. i am going to complain to daddy. >:[

byebye. :'[


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