Sunday, May 13, 2007


nothing much actually. bro is coming over later at night to bring us for SUPPER. ;/ omg.

hehehehes. i slept alot today. :] woke up for mummy. but the first thing she said is. WHY YOU EVERYDAY ALSO GO SHOPPING. ALOT MONEY AH.

only 2 days lor. -o-

and i am spending daddy's money. not hers. :/ but since its mother's day. i decided not to 顶嘴 and kept quiet. :]

gahgahgahs. i slpt for another 2 hours since its raining. :] hehehee. shuang. i need to clear my black eye rings. :"[ sad hor. but sometimes i realise no matter how much i have slpt. its still there. sad me.

i think i want to change my blogskin.. yes. i should change my blogskin and blog link. after such a long time. :]

hehehes. i will find inspiration. :} hehehs.

byeeee. xD

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