Friday, May 04, 2007


i think i flunged my ss. :[ sad me. didnt really have time to complete it. scribbles some statement for seq. -o- when sun lao shi says LAST 2 MINUTES. i was starting my 2nd seq essay question. -o-

i think i will fail. because the marker cant read what i wrote. you know. when you are nervous. everything is messy. :}

during break. read some chem notes. :}
some stuffs pissed me off. a lil.

chem paper. hmms. saw quite a number of similiar questions. :/ i think i will get borderline marks. why why why must the 2 papers be on the same day? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. :[

gahgahgahhhhhhhhhs. going to meet charmaine and others. :} cut haaaaaaaair. hehehehe.

will edit post later.
i guess. :}

[x] english 1
[x] chinese 1
[x] ss
[x] chem
[ ] history
[ ] e. maths 1
[ ] english 2
[ ] physics
[ ] chinese 2
[ ] e.maths 2
[ ] a. maths
[ ] poa

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