Thursday, May 17, 2007

i am feeling very %^&*( now.


i want to blog about it. but i think i cant. its rather.. hmms. mean. :]

for those who know about it:

please. :"[ like that i dont want my poa marks le la. dont want le la. 还/送给你。:"[

and yes. i told daddy about my marks. he seem to be happy about it. :/ why ah. last time, when i get very average percentage like 60-65 i will get very happy. but now with 69.6%, i am not. :"{ maybe its because of the class. everyone seem to get very very good grades. maybe 69.6% is like, nothing.

maybe its like what yanshan said. i didnt give myself an aim to achieve. :"[ (i forgotten, i was busy mugging/playing) thats why now. i feel so empty/unhappy.

omg. am i like, changing.? :"[

KheoYewBeach♥ xoxo says:
i rmb last time we girls very good at maths one : D

i want to go back to 2e3. :"[


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