Tuesday, May 22, 2007


bad bad day. sighs. seems that lotsa of things are happening. stacking up higher and higher. :[

uncle.. blah blah and blahs.

:[ (?)


daddy is naggy now. because i said 去死啦。 and hung the phone. when i reached home. he started talking and talking and talking.

sighs. :/ my father kept telling me he resigned. -o- aiya. no more free trial handphones liao. :[ i HOPE he didnt. he told me just now. from next month onwards he will put my monthly allowance inside my posb account. -o-

thats not a very good news. maybe sometimes i am tempted to buy some stuffs and spend those money. :/ i am not very good at this kind of planning. because i cannot control myself. hehehehes. nevermind. i will try for 1 month. :]

thinking if to go to school tml. :/ hmms. should i.? mummy is bringing me to update my passport photo. :/ isnt it too last minute.? i am going china next monday. :]

yes. china. i hope i will have some fun. sighs. but when i come back, die liao la. TONS OF HOLIDAY HOMEWORKS AND PROJECT. :/ holiday indeed. -o- isnt a period for us to rest our dried brains.? wonder what are they thinking. ;[

gahgahgahs. byebye. ;[[[

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