Monday, May 07, 2007

my mother is irritating me. :"[

her nags are as irritating like the buzzing bees outside. >:[

history paper today. isnt that bad i guess. maths paper 1 too. freaking hot today. :"[ slpt for 15 mins and i was sweating. :"[

wanted to go home straight after the papers. but i decided to go mac and sit a while. :] went home after that.

ahhs. physics tml. :"[

charmaine gave me this. :] yay. i love dunaNA.

tall tree with buzzing bees.

and yes. today when i finished my emaths paper. i realise i have alot of time left. and all of the sudden, i remember when i was in primary school, i use to doodle at the last page of the paper. and when i get back the paper with very low marks. daddy will say. DRAW DRAW DRAW! SEE! YOU THINK TEACHER SEE YOUR DRAWING WILL ADD MARKS ISSIT.!

and i started smiling at myself. thinking if i should doodle or not. :] since dont know when, i have to rush through the paper and didnt have time to stone/sleep/waste time. hehehe.

oh ya. daddy reads my blog.! daddy. i take amaths now leh. :] gimme more money. xDDD

i will change my blog link asap. :]

[x] english 1
[x] chinese 1
[x] ss
[x] chem
[x] history
[x] e. maths 1
[ ] english 2
[ ] physics
[ ] chinese 2
[ ] e.maths 2
[ ] a. maths
[ ] poa

6 more papers to go-



(i didnt know that you will do such things, i thought you can be trusted. sighs. its sad seeing people change isnt it.? oh ya. you didnt change. you are the same as before. and i should have known better.)

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