Wednesday, May 23, 2007

omg. what a long day..

didnt go to school today. :]] but mummy woke me up at 7 going to 8.-o- followed her to send daddy to work and we went to update my passport photo. :]

ahhhhhhs. they didnt allow me to use that passport size photo which is taken in school. -o- so i had to take another photo. which sucks. the person there kept asking me to push up my fringe. den i was quite irritated by then. den i just push aside. and den..

sighs. :[

went home and slpt. :] which is the reason why i dont feel tired now. -o-

den went out agaiiiiiiinnnnnnn..... at night went gillian's tuition. :] hehehes. ate pizza. quite paiseh. dont know why. like. you are not the people there and you turn up. and.. ate pizza. -o- nevermind. xD thinking if to join their tuition. thinking. maybe not. tooo distracting i guess. hahahas.

went home after that. ;]

gahhhs. i have to go to school tml. :[ have to look for mr leong after school tml. since he asked some teacher to call my mother to pass the message to me. -o- weird lehhhh. just for some china booklet which costs $20. and i have to collect it myself. -o-

china trip group members. O:

i was bored at gillian's house. :[

ehs. who is this ah. :]]]


its 11pm nowwwwww. wooooooooooooooooooooooos......

"no matter how foolish is it.. its over now."

yiming reminded me something super paiseh on the bus. -o- i tapped my card. den i thought ok alrdy. i went to sit near the door with gillian and others. den the uncle turned i tell me to pay cash. -o- den i was like. huh.? den i tapped. CARD INVALID.

pay cash lor. :[ den the whole bus was like looking at me. if i was alone i will cry my lungs out. -o-

ok. the end. goodnight. -o-

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