Tuesday, May 01, 2007

gahgahgahs. just came back home from the hospital. again.

uncle is still unaware of his illness. the doctor want him to have the 'good' mood. who will be happy in the hospital. -o- the bad cell is in the middle of his liver. cannot have operation. so he will go for chemo. :"[

took blue form yesterday. :}} mummy bought me to doctor koh. he went: BELINDA! LONG TIME NO SEE. EYE INFECTION? SORE THROAT.? COUGH.? (turns to nurse) SHE IS MY FAVORITE PATIENT.

-o- -o- -o- and den i told him i am having cough and flu for the past 9 days. i asked him why am i always sick. he said. BECAUSE YOU MISS DOCTOR KOH TOO MUCH. :D (big smile)

had the avian flu jab since i am alrdy there. doctor koh stood beside me and said. imagine you are watching blue clues.

i was thinking. is blue clues about a dog? and he injected. -o-

and yes. my mmc card CORRUPTED. :"[ all pictures gone. sad me.

study time. :]

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