Saturday, May 26, 2007


went to schoool. ate breadfast. quite weird. very weird. extreamly weird.

its 1.15am. and i just realise yiming and yanshan are waiting for me to update my blog. -o- i really didnt know la. xD

stayed back a while after school for the one to one talk with ms cai. :/ i have to sit with ernest next term. dont really want leh. is i unlucky not he unlucky lor. :[ nevermind

den went to look for mr leong. he explained to me the china stuffs. quite long. :/ thankyou jascintha charmaine jared and jiamin for waiting. :]

went home bath and change. :] went to jared housey. had pizza and stuffs. BUT. charmaine didnt send me photos. :[ i shall post it another time, when she sends me. :]

i played majong. :] i won 2 rounds leh. :] hehehehehe.

yes. den at 6plus went to gillian's house. she made muaji (dont know how to spell). quite nice la. xD she burnt her hand because of that. :[

went with them to their tuition (again). regretted a lil. cause i was very tired. :/ and i missed the 9pm show. :[ i wasted some time there. xD stayed back a while after that. not a while. an hour or so. -o- den ate supppper. :}

and yyyyes. yiming and wenxian pei-ed me to the bus stop. because gillian ran away without telling me. :[ her mother rushing her home. :[

by the end of the day, yiming, wenxian and my handphone are batt-less. -o-

ok. super long and boring post. quite sian. because i am tired. :/ i willl post pics. when charmaine sends me. :[ that liar.

"because i dont know"

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