Wednesday, March 31, 2010

look up to the sky, love



Short day out w @jljy. Checked out my future phone and it seems like i have to stick to blackberry. Oh well shall be contented and stick to it. On the bright side, thr is data plan yay i will be on twitter 24/7!! Collected pay for jean at some ulu place hahaha like gna get kidnapped and do labour work any moment. Someone carrying $400++ cash somemore, i'm her bodyguard. You all rich liao lor. :( 6 more days to my pay day and i can't wait!! It's april alr??

Happy april fools' day in advance, don't get trick by anybody!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

its a quarter after 1

Day out w the bff to town. Surprisingly empty zzz but poor us can't afford to get anything. Everything is "say only lor". Spent my entire asset in bkk alr! Can't wait for pay day which is 8 days from now, HOW TO SURVIVE. Next week eat grass alr lor... (depressed face)

(i don't like to make my bed)

hand carry this back frm bkk!!

since 2008?? all black and dirty bt i still love it. i rmb they have names... sth and bob??

@slice eating our cheap ice.


AND YES OUR FAVE MANGO BANZAI AT FEP IS GONE!! Whr did it go... Sigh lucky we had it the last time we were thr. I rmb we use to have shilin fried chicken followed by mango banzai, damn fattening bt ya. Hope it shifted or sth, hope we can find it right M??



flower girl~




Highlight was our $9.80 icecream at marvelous cream!! But it was all worth or it will be very fml. First time i ate it was like the day they inserted rubber stuffs in between my teeth. W charmaine a year ago?? So much better this time round. (Y) Oh oh before that we had teriyaki bento ahhh what a sinful day!


doesnt look appealing... bt trust me its good.


Yay that was my sunday. Work routine back tmr... Damn sick of it alr i swear. Nvm, last week alr and pay is coming in hang on hang on. New phone new phone. Ke yi de!! Gna cont reading my communist story HAHA i've no idea why i'm into such stories bt... Ya.

Good night sleep tight!!

"don't be afraid of the world.
we're all just the people
you could've been."

Thursday, March 25, 2010

hello baby!!

CUTE!! That's Yoogeun!! I think my main focus was on him instead of shinee... And all along I got shinee and super junior mixed up or something. Pls don't kill me Jorene i knw you watch this show bcos ur fave is in it!! Don't worry my attention was all on the baby. ^^

Without all these korean variety shows my life will be dull and colourless. In terms of variety shows, korea beats singapore hands down man. Family outing, we got married (only petite&sweet potato couple hehe), hello baby, sometimes star golden bell and other random shows when I'm really bored. Jean rock my socks bcos she was the one who introduced all these to me. Guess the most annoying part is finding subs and when accounts are suspended. No worries, I HAVE JEAN. (L)(L)(L)

Yay done w gossipgirl ytd and its time for 90210!! This is life. (Y)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



I suck at handicrafts. My cards look like its made by a 10 year old fml. Back at esss, i dread art and dnt classes the most. And ya failed art and just passed dnt?? Sigh but its the thoughts that count okk?? So be glad when I make cards or anything bcos I need lots of determination and hardwork. t.t

Mad jack cafe at simpang bedok for dinner!! The food was so so only. Or was I too hungry?? (edit: birthday boy said that mad jack steak was awesome so i guess its good??) Sorry Wilson for forgetting ur order HAHA. We were supposed to write our orders on a paper but I forgot to write his... The extra $10 mystery was solved! So poor willy was waiting and waiting and waiting... When all of us started to eat alr... This goes to show that I cannot be a waitress hahahahaha.


w the birthday boys!

mad about jack!

hehe this is one of my fml bracelet bcos its expensive AND TOO BIG. t.t

step sunshine boy

Teoheng after that but jm had to leave (mai and wl left early too). t.t So went to sing w the rest!! Spammed with chinese songs lor but I know most of them!! Im a pro. Wished the birthday boys on the spot when the clock strikes 12. Both of them are so fated man. Like sec 3 and 4 same class, same birthday, same clique and now same school! Where to find!! Anyway, happy 18th to both of you. Enjoy it ok. Both of u are exactly 7 months older than me!! 23 is such a nice number hehehe.

birthday boy #1!

emo yellow cow. oops.

didn't get to take any w jernnns!! :l

Hehe lucky us got a cab!! 5 ppl hehe and the driver listens to techno ahahahaha. He forgot to on his meter until we were on the expressway! (Y)

Alright, that was yiming and jerald's day! Had fun w the ex-e6 people~ Happy birthday again!! Hehehe. Good night.

"the most wasted day is one in which you didn’t laugh"

Friday, March 19, 2010

if we ever meet agn

Kite plans postponed agn bcos of the damn rain. So 3 of us went over to yanyee's place!! Our $20 value dinner: 2pckts of instant prata, 2 can of campbell soup, 2 instant pizza, 2 tubs of icecream and 2 bottles of tea. Damn worth but sinful at the same time. My future tns roommate is a good cook i feel so blessed. Next time i cook spagatti for you, instant noodles also can. ^^



chef at work!


prata+egg+cheese i swear its good.



Camwhoring session today quite failed due to my overly sensitive nose. But most of the time we were playing bridge but i suck at it but its still fun. So its ok. ^^

just 1 out of the 60+++ failed shots?? t.t



Somehow simple days like these are nice. Me likey. You know, eat talk play. Ya. Ahhh all of us have to go to work tmr. 313 for me and i think i will be bored to death... Hmm f21 during break??

Alright. Good night.

"You will never find the right person,
if you never let go of the wrong one."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

6 impossible things b4 breakfast

Seoul Garden with Shaun was (y). G8 time catching up here and thr. Next seoul garden marathon 3 months from now kk!! Had so much meat that I feel so sinful. Plus the amount of prawn we used to season the soup that was thrown away... Sinful zzz. Die I haven shit. My digestive system sucks please anyone wna donate me urs?

shaun is a carnivore!!

for stuffing all the unwanted beef to me hehe ^^




Alice in 3d after that!! Wanted to watch it since it was out but was busy with work and bkk... 3d made us giddy zzz. Finally understood the Alice story!! Used to read the book and it was so confusing. Gna read the book again hehe yes i still have it.

After alice was tpsu bbq. Was telling Shaun that the ppl thr might not even know me just joking. Kinda guilty that I mia-ed quite often but thr are others who don't even attend. But whoa its like the 2nd last event of tpsu?? Provided that i'm helping out with week 0. Hope it will be good.

Alright. 90210 and gg finished dl-ing!! Flying kite tomorrow pls pls pls don't rain!

"you can't always get what you want.
sometimes you just have to
cross your fingers and hope for the best"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

eenie meenie




Nodame cantabile was alright. Guess you have to watch the drama first hehe. I remember watching it because the main lead was cute but now hair become like that fml. Can't wait for part 2 though h8 shows which leaves audience hanging like that. t.t

Slept at 5am last night. No can't screw up my body clock!! Lucky there is work here and there and i've to sleep early. Damn poor now counting down to my next pay day!! Hmm walao 20 more days??? Might starve to death by then zzz. Daddy to the rescue?? Btw, ME WANTS A NEW PHONE!! Can't make up my mind... Shall do some research yay.

Goog(gle) night!!
If you don't go after what you want, you will never get it.
If you don't ask a question, the answer is always no.
If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

Monday, March 15, 2010

dreaming out loud




Jean and Jolene popped by work today!! Jolene's pinkberry is so cute and i'm so tempted... Get my pay then say. But yay no work for 4 days me gna rest rest rest. Meeting up with some of my fave people this week. It will be gr8 hehe just by looking at my scheduler makes me feel so happy. ^^ First up was the bff for dinner yay. Study hard okkk?? We will enjoy after all these shit ends. (L)(L)(L)

Good night everyone~!

I'd rather live my life knowing
that I'm not perfect, rather than
spending my whole life trying to be.