Thursday, March 25, 2010

hello baby!!

CUTE!! That's Yoogeun!! I think my main focus was on him instead of shinee... And all along I got shinee and super junior mixed up or something. Pls don't kill me Jorene i knw you watch this show bcos ur fave is in it!! Don't worry my attention was all on the baby. ^^

Without all these korean variety shows my life will be dull and colourless. In terms of variety shows, korea beats singapore hands down man. Family outing, we got married (only petite&sweet potato couple hehe), hello baby, sometimes star golden bell and other random shows when I'm really bored. Jean rock my socks bcos she was the one who introduced all these to me. Guess the most annoying part is finding subs and when accounts are suspended. No worries, I HAVE JEAN. (L)(L)(L)

Yay done w gossipgirl ytd and its time for 90210!! This is life. (Y)


Jean said...

HAHAHAHA don't worry if there are any other nice shows, i'll recommend you!!!!!!!! <3

Belinda Foo said...

yes i love u