Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yay back from my bkk trip number 3! Love my loots alot. This time round I didn't buy them just because they are cheap. Did alot of thinking before buying so... Yea not alot of "omg why did i get this???" Decided not to get much gifts this time round because i'm on a budget trip. So sorry babies didn't get anything unless you asked me to. ^^



Citin Pratunam was not bad. Very clean and their spa is like thumbs up. Me likey. And they are seriously located right in the middle of Pratunam Market which is filled with small streets and alleys with cars/tuktuks/motos driving through. Good thing was that it is very crowded no matter day or night and stone throw away from Platanium mall/Central world/Mbk. Wait I sound like I'm promoting it plz. On the downside... Alot of you know, pushy tuktuk drivers wanting you to go walk walk at the Thai center (aka gemstore) so that they can get free gasoline.

Another thing was that not many drivers can find the hotel. Smart me printed a very big map in thai. ^^ One of the drivers got damn lost (even with my big map) and we went round and round Pratunam market. Spotted alot of hotels which I considered before. The market is like a wholesale place la my mother love it alooot. I h8 it bcos its hot! So she will go down early in the morning while I catch my beauty sleep hehe.

it takes some time to get use to this. :l

oh they provide free tuktuk service too (y)

clean got free wifi somemore!

heart the full length mirror behind.


lots and lots of tempting roadside food.

Day 1 and 2 was basically at Platanium mall for clothes(lvl 1 2 3) shoes bags (lvl 4 5) hairbands (lvl 5). Shopping there need tactic one! No problem with sis-in-law and M during my first 2 trips. In fact it was sis-in-law who taught me how to walk (would be gr8 if she was there zzz to stop my mother). But my mother anyhow one! She go haywire and got me messed up. So the 2nd day I decided that we should split and meet up later. Even went back to cover those floors. t.t My mother is one of a kind when it comes to shopping fml! Typical enter shop, ask here ask there, mess up the place and never buy! Totally understand how the salesgirl feel man.


hehe just part of it.

pretty bracelets!

Day 3= Chinatown!! Pretty bracelets, hair accessories and more vintage bags?? Lots of imitation bags too hmm and annoying mosquitoes. Central world for Naraya and Isetan at night!! Swiped daddy's credit card and somehow I'm in a debt again. Hmm??

mummy decided to have some good food yay. (y)

2 big bags of naraya loots!

Last day was back at Platanium mall where I spent 2 hours with an empty wallet chatting on9 with the sg ppl and checking my results. Ahh i got a d+ for calculus can you believe it! Pulled my overall gpa down. Nice one belinda, nice one. At least there is still a 3. Called mummy and she gave me abit more moolah and hehe more shopping but more impulsive ones. Zzz I bought a big polka dotted top...? t.t


Basically... That was my trip. More detailed one because I was reading my past bkk posts and they are rather vague hmm. Wanted to go Suanlum and Chatuchak but gave them a missed. For me Platanium mall and Chinatown is good enough! ^^ Fruitful trip with like 5 pair of shoes, dont know how many black hair accessories, bags tops dresses and bottoms. Overweight baggage and I swear my mother bought more than me. "I go there see you buy only!" WHO IS SHE KIDDING HAHAHA.

Now now, do you feel like going to bkk like right nownownownow???


wanleng said...

AHH so jealous! I want go bangkok too! I see nice shoess ):

Belinda Foo said...

smuggle u into my luggage next time. lets go bkk when we grow up hehe. pinky.