Tuesday, March 23, 2010



I suck at handicrafts. My cards look like its made by a 10 year old fml. Back at esss, i dread art and dnt classes the most. And ya failed art and just passed dnt?? Sigh but its the thoughts that count okk?? So be glad when I make cards or anything bcos I need lots of determination and hardwork. t.t

Mad jack cafe at simpang bedok for dinner!! The food was so so only. Or was I too hungry?? (edit: birthday boy said that mad jack steak was awesome so i guess its good??) Sorry Wilson for forgetting ur order HAHA. We were supposed to write our orders on a paper but I forgot to write his... The extra $10 mystery was solved! So poor willy was waiting and waiting and waiting... When all of us started to eat alr... This goes to show that I cannot be a waitress hahahahaha.


w the birthday boys!

mad about jack!

hehe this is one of my fml bracelet bcos its expensive AND TOO BIG. t.t

step sunshine boy

Teoheng after that but jm had to leave (mai and wl left early too). t.t So went to sing w the rest!! Spammed with chinese songs lor but I know most of them!! Im a pro. Wished the birthday boys on the spot when the clock strikes 12. Both of them are so fated man. Like sec 3 and 4 same class, same birthday, same clique and now same school! Where to find!! Anyway, happy 18th to both of you. Enjoy it ok. Both of u are exactly 7 months older than me!! 23 is such a nice number hehehe.

birthday boy #1!

emo yellow cow. oops.

didn't get to take any w jernnns!! :l

Hehe lucky us got a cab!! 5 ppl hehe and the driver listens to techno ahahahaha. He forgot to on his meter until we were on the expressway! (Y)

Alright, that was yiming and jerald's day! Had fun w the ex-e6 people~ Happy birthday again!! Hehehe. Good night.

"the most wasted day is one in which you didn’t laugh"

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