Friday, March 05, 2010

w o r k

so pretty!!

Somebody come and colour my life plz because its so boring. Try to spot me in town and you can see my stoned face. Everyday is a cycle you know. Wake up, go work, think of what to eat for lunch, work, think of what to eat for dinner, work, countdown to end of work, go home, bath, sleep and the cycle repeats. Schedule is so packed that I can't breath. This doesn't feel like a holiday at all... Then again, I can't wait for my next pay day baby~ Bkk next week! Fingers crossed hope i won't get stuck anywhr otw to the airport. Protesters plz make way!! Hehe work from 10-5 tomorrow!! Good nightttt!

Loved is not a word.
There is no past tense of love.
You either always love somebody or you never did.

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