Wednesday, February 28, 2007


hohoho. yiyun is HAPPPY. :]

had cca after schooool. it rained. its still raining. why didnt i bring my umbrella. :"[ sad me.


nothing much. :]

so not me.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

belinda '-' says:

belinda '-' says:
why why whyyyyyy..

- x33 ): says:
let me tell you some things that will lead to depression
i am sad.
extreamly sad. :"[

sighs. sighs. and sighs.

english presentation was suppose to be today. but we are the last group so it was postponed to thursday. not enough time.

issit a good thing or a bad thing.?


den had chinese which is extreamly sian. but i saw something extreamly intresting. hahahhas. the 4 hours workshop need to draw something which represents you. and in 3e2 classroom, i saw someone drew a sperm to represent himself. -o-

had maths. blah blah blah. followed by history. history history history. stayed back today to watch the video. was expecting something more intresting. but its like. boring. -o- got some lahhhhh. but just too little. :"[

blah blah blah.

i am still sad.



Monday, February 26, 2007


having a terrible headache. -o- i think its because i didnt sleep well enough last night. xDD

got back history test today. 10/12. yays :]

got back ss test today. 6/13 and 5/12. boos. :"[

ahhhs. ss ss ss. seq i wrote the wrong topic and got 4 question marks. -o- but i think my weighing part got the 6. hahahhas. and sbq. i dont know i dont know and i dont know. sighs. feel so.. disappointed. :"[ yy say i am lucky. write about CPF still can get 6. -o- am i?

rise lesson had sun lao shi. ms cai didnt come. :"[ charmaine told me about him wearing suspenders because of his pants. and whenever i look at him i feel like laughing. xDDD

after school went tm with charmaine, jascintha and jiamin. :] bought stuffs. hahahhas. stuffs. :] jascintha said something..

J: my legs are tired.
J: i want to eat popcorn chicken.

-o- hahahhas. i find it funny because it sounds like. my legs are tired, i want to eat popcorn chicken. no link. :]

ahhs. i want to kill khim. seriously. -o- khim, did i offend u or something. -o- i feel so sad. millions of people saw my dumb face.

let me go hide under my blanket and cry.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

feeeeling quite SIAAAN. dont know why. i think its because chili visited me on friday. :[

sad me. going out later. dont feel like going out. i shall make up some excuses. :]

daddy is being super lame.

DADDY: next time i old le u will bring me go see doctor anot?
ME: no i wont.
DADDY: why.? (pout lips)
ME: because i sick u never bring me go.
DADDY: wahh.. u watch out. u watch out. i am going to update this in my BLOG(emphasis).



ahhhhs. my post is missing. :"[

sad me.

went out with huiying today. :]

did hmkk at tmart first. i think i will die if i did maths alone. tons of careless mistakes. :"[ yiyun told me 6x9 is 54 and not 48 yesterday. today, huiying told me 20-2360 is -2340 and not -2310 when I use a CALCULAATOR. i feel like slapping SOMETHING when i make such mistakes. :"[

how can a add math student make such mistake?

sighs sighs sighs.

went bugis after that. :] bought nail polish, bookmark and a cup. :] i dont know why when i dont have a nice cup, i don t feel like drinking water. :] no its not weird. i broke my cute lil cup a few weeks ago. :"[

bought a new pair of slippers too. :]

reach home at 9 and realise the house was empty. :"[

something wrong with my hp... i receive LATE messages. like a 7.42am message. i receive it at 2pm. i will curse that person who woke me up though. hor jascintha hor. its saturday my friend and u msged me at 7am. -o-

and did u ever realise that when u need something its always not there. but when u dont need it, it seem to be so.. extra? i am saying this because i cant find my photoshop brush. >: [ i remember seeing it just now. but somehow its not there now. sighs.

giggles. i am jumping topic because i am waiting for PHOOOTOS. :]

such a loong post. ;]

say hello to my new cup. :]


hui ying says:
edit now and say uu love me too.
belinda '-' says:
hui ying says:
in caps hor

(no i am not a les)

Friday, February 23, 2007

i love friday.

because i get to meet my lovely. :]

who is JORENNNNNE HO. :]

hohohoo. :]


Thursday, February 22, 2007


went to the discovery centre today. the bus sucks. -o- sit behind damn.. bouncy . make me feel like puking. :"[ return trip was better. sat in the middle. :]

discovery centre is BOOORING. dont know why. ate blueberry cheesecake with charmaine. :]

nothing muchh. :]

goodbye. :]

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AHHS. schoool tml. :"[ feel so sad. :"[

went to JAAARED's house today. thank you jared for the food and angpao. :] giggles.

after that went to meet yanshan chiamin and shien. chongkeng/andy is weird. dont know why. :] hahahas. accompanied yanshan to eastpoint and met marissa there. :]

i am taller than marissa today. and marissa calls people who are taller than her mummy. :] i am taller than jascintha today too. :]

hehehes. i said yay loudly on the escalator today. :}

wandered around. yanshan bought stuffs. and took NEOOPRINTs twice. :] so fun. dont know why. :] went homee at dont know what time.

i am tired. :"[

tml will be such a 'great' day.



Sunday, February 18, 2007

YAY. CNY. :]

but there is only one word to describe cny this year.. SIAAAAAN. :"[ but better than last year when we couldnt even get angbaos. :"[

went to visit grandmama first. every year everyone will say the same old thing..

(turns and 'spread the msg')

"BELINDA! (touch hand) last time arhs. so small only ah. (hand gestures) now leh? so tall. i think few more years u will be taller than me."

there are a few more. and whenever i hear all this. all i can do is to smile/giggle/whatever. -o-

grandmama, uncles and aunties keep giving me food when i told them i have eaten my lunch. and they will say. NEVERMIND NEVERMIND EAT MORE. THIS ONE NICE THIS ONE NICE. and then stuff it into my hands. -o-

i was waiting for dinner at 3rd uncle's house. love his cooking laaa. but he cook mama's share when she went to her friend's house. daddy and i stuffed in her share. -o- he said its basic manners. -o-

i made 3rd uncle's son cry because he spilled orange juice on my bag. -o- i thought i should be the one crying. :"[

heels got stuck in the drain twice. great.

i want to change my blogskin. :"[ if not i wont have that kind of BLOGGING MOOD. u know u know. xDD

i shall change it by today. :]


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


today is a boring day.


i am tired. :"[



happy valentines day. :]


stop stop and stop.

Monday, February 12, 2007

khim says: if i go in tuff club , also because my head too heavy
YAYYYY. hist is over. ss is over. physics is OOOOVER. :}

happy me. :]

dadadaaaaa. mummy got into a car accident. she went to the hospital though i didnt see anything wrong with her. because she came home and blabber the story 3 times. first to me. den to sis. den to daddy. -o- i think she just want that lorry to pay. she was extreamly HYPER. -o- she was bouncing on the sofa and doing those hand actions.

heard that the car's bum bum is now concave/convex/blahs. xD so we have no car during chinese new year. shit man. -o- we will be one of the families waiting for cab under the hot sun. -o- ive got a strong feeling that i am going to hate it.

valentines day is coming.

cny is coming.


byebyee. :]

wonder if u are thinking the same thing as i am.

Friday, February 09, 2007

such a nice day. :] beccause its FRIDAYYYY. :]

ahhhhhs. something quite paiseh happened during english. i dont know why i cannot stop laughing. i really dont know. and all thanks to POOON YI MING. i think alot of people know about it. and ms sim told 3e1. -o-

after school went eat at mac. ate applepie. :] den went back to school. see jared's bro and the o'lvl thingy.

went for lessooon with jorene at night. and on the way back. she kept talking to whoever it is. -o- and marissa called me. :]

my updates are getting shorter and shorter. because i dont know what to write about. :] everyday go to schoool, go home, do homework, sleep. almost like that. :] sec 3 is tiring. everyone knows that. :"[


happy birthday to everyone having birthdays today. :]

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

belinda '-' says:
nothing to update. :"[

Chiamin (: says:
u can always update abt me!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

oh sore throat go away. :"[

Monday, February 05, 2007

this week is gonna be BUSY.

chem tml.
chi tml.
poa wed.

physics mon.
history mon.
ss mon.

>;[ thats the retarded part. 3 tests on the same day. -o- hist teacher says too bad lor.




Sunday, February 04, 2007


tired day. :]

made a last minute decision to go out with yanshan. :] yanshan came my house first and den to 201 den to orrrchard. bought some stuffs. ;] yanshan waas walking very very very slow today. -o-

like a tortise. :]

something very very very paiseh happened in the shop. extreamly paiseh. -o- i hope yanshan wont blog about it. :"[

i didnt see mama for 1 week and when i finally saw her. we quarreled. -o- love daddy more. :]


byebye. :]

oh ya. yanshan and i talk about the unknown3e6 in her blog. i find it quite freaky because i am from 3e6. :] tml i shall go around and ask people. are u unknown3e6 in yanshan's blog.? what if that person isnt from 3e6. hahahas.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


u still have alot of birthday POKES. i wont forget how u poked me last year. :"[

went to watch happy birthday today. because its chiamin's bday. :] hmms. the movie is below average by 0.5 :] went with marissa,chiamin,shien and cherylll.

went ikea after that. see stuffs. den ate some stuffs. went back to tampines and marissa pei ed me to 201 to get my skirts. :]

but the shop was close. :"[ bought some new bedsheets for daddy because mummy left him out in the morning. he is sad. :"[

daddy hint me that its his birthday this month by coming into the room and say. AIYA. OLD LIAO LA. BELINDA U COME SEE MY WHITE HAIR. AIYA.. and he continued to say he is old blah blah blah. i dont really get what he mean. -o- until i heard the word retire. -o- i think he is only 40++.


so many retarded pictures today. -o-

nevermind. i cant find any normal one. -o- i shall just post some.. random ones. :]

mummy bought this for me. i like it because it can STAND. :]


and ya. i am sick. :"[ i wonder why am i sick on the starting of the month. i was sick during the starting of jan too. :"[

sad me.
i shall hide under my blanket and cry. :"[


Friday, February 02, 2007

i am sad. :"[

i cant believe i forget how to do matrix. -o- i think i missed one step or so.

tired day. having tuition later.

again. :"[

i am getting so sian. of everything?

sighs sighs sighs.