Tuesday, February 27, 2007

i am sad.
extreamly sad. :"[

sighs. sighs. and sighs.

english presentation was suppose to be today. but we are the last group so it was postponed to thursday. not enough time.

issit a good thing or a bad thing.?


den had chinese which is extreamly sian. but i saw something extreamly intresting. hahahhas. the 4 hours workshop need to draw something which represents you. and in 3e2 classroom, i saw someone drew a sperm to represent himself. -o-

had maths. blah blah blah. followed by history. history history history. stayed back today to watch the video. was expecting something more intresting. but its like. boring. -o- got some lahhhhh. but just too little. :"[

blah blah blah.

i am still sad.



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