Sunday, February 04, 2007


tired day. :]

made a last minute decision to go out with yanshan. :] yanshan came my house first and den to 201 den to orrrchard. bought some stuffs. ;] yanshan waas walking very very very slow today. -o-

like a tortise. :]

something very very very paiseh happened in the shop. extreamly paiseh. -o- i hope yanshan wont blog about it. :"[

i didnt see mama for 1 week and when i finally saw her. we quarreled. -o- love daddy more. :]


byebye. :]

oh ya. yanshan and i talk about the unknown3e6 in her blog. i find it quite freaky because i am from 3e6. :] tml i shall go around and ask people. are u unknown3e6 in yanshan's blog.? what if that person isnt from 3e6. hahahas.

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