Monday, February 12, 2007

YAYYYY. hist is over. ss is over. physics is OOOOVER. :}

happy me. :]

dadadaaaaa. mummy got into a car accident. she went to the hospital though i didnt see anything wrong with her. because she came home and blabber the story 3 times. first to me. den to sis. den to daddy. -o- i think she just want that lorry to pay. she was extreamly HYPER. -o- she was bouncing on the sofa and doing those hand actions.

heard that the car's bum bum is now concave/convex/blahs. xD so we have no car during chinese new year. shit man. -o- we will be one of the families waiting for cab under the hot sun. -o- ive got a strong feeling that i am going to hate it.

valentines day is coming.

cny is coming.


byebyee. :]

wonder if u are thinking the same thing as i am.

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