Friday, February 09, 2007

such a nice day. :] beccause its FRIDAYYYY. :]

ahhhhhs. something quite paiseh happened during english. i dont know why i cannot stop laughing. i really dont know. and all thanks to POOON YI MING. i think alot of people know about it. and ms sim told 3e1. -o-

after school went eat at mac. ate applepie. :] den went back to school. see jared's bro and the o'lvl thingy.

went for lessooon with jorene at night. and on the way back. she kept talking to whoever it is. -o- and marissa called me. :]

my updates are getting shorter and shorter. because i dont know what to write about. :] everyday go to schoool, go home, do homework, sleep. almost like that. :] sec 3 is tiring. everyone knows that. :"[


happy birthday to everyone having birthdays today. :]

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