Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AHHS. schoool tml. :"[ feel so sad. :"[

went to JAAARED's house today. thank you jared for the food and angpao. :] giggles.

after that went to meet yanshan chiamin and shien. chongkeng/andy is weird. dont know why. :] hahahas. accompanied yanshan to eastpoint and met marissa there. :]

i am taller than marissa today. and marissa calls people who are taller than her mummy. :] i am taller than jascintha today too. :]

hehehes. i said yay loudly on the escalator today. :}

wandered around. yanshan bought stuffs. and took NEOOPRINTs twice. :] so fun. dont know why. :] went homee at dont know what time.

i am tired. :"[

tml will be such a 'great' day.



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