Sunday, February 25, 2007

ahhhhs. my post is missing. :"[

sad me.

went out with huiying today. :]

did hmkk at tmart first. i think i will die if i did maths alone. tons of careless mistakes. :"[ yiyun told me 6x9 is 54 and not 48 yesterday. today, huiying told me 20-2360 is -2340 and not -2310 when I use a CALCULAATOR. i feel like slapping SOMETHING when i make such mistakes. :"[

how can a add math student make such mistake?

sighs sighs sighs.

went bugis after that. :] bought nail polish, bookmark and a cup. :] i dont know why when i dont have a nice cup, i don t feel like drinking water. :] no its not weird. i broke my cute lil cup a few weeks ago. :"[

bought a new pair of slippers too. :]

reach home at 9 and realise the house was empty. :"[

something wrong with my hp... i receive LATE messages. like a 7.42am message. i receive it at 2pm. i will curse that person who woke me up though. hor jascintha hor. its saturday my friend and u msged me at 7am. -o-

and did u ever realise that when u need something its always not there. but when u dont need it, it seem to be so.. extra? i am saying this because i cant find my photoshop brush. >: [ i remember seeing it just now. but somehow its not there now. sighs.

giggles. i am jumping topic because i am waiting for PHOOOTOS. :]

such a loong post. ;]

say hello to my new cup. :]


hui ying says:
edit now and say uu love me too.
belinda '-' says:
hui ying says:
in caps hor

(no i am not a les)

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