Monday, February 26, 2007


having a terrible headache. -o- i think its because i didnt sleep well enough last night. xDD

got back history test today. 10/12. yays :]

got back ss test today. 6/13 and 5/12. boos. :"[

ahhhs. ss ss ss. seq i wrote the wrong topic and got 4 question marks. -o- but i think my weighing part got the 6. hahahhas. and sbq. i dont know i dont know and i dont know. sighs. feel so.. disappointed. :"[ yy say i am lucky. write about CPF still can get 6. -o- am i?

rise lesson had sun lao shi. ms cai didnt come. :"[ charmaine told me about him wearing suspenders because of his pants. and whenever i look at him i feel like laughing. xDDD

after school went tm with charmaine, jascintha and jiamin. :] bought stuffs. hahahhas. stuffs. :] jascintha said something..

J: my legs are tired.
J: i want to eat popcorn chicken.

-o- hahahhas. i find it funny because it sounds like. my legs are tired, i want to eat popcorn chicken. no link. :]

ahhs. i want to kill khim. seriously. -o- khim, did i offend u or something. -o- i feel so sad. millions of people saw my dumb face.

let me go hide under my blanket and cry.


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