Saturday, February 03, 2007


u still have alot of birthday POKES. i wont forget how u poked me last year. :"[

went to watch happy birthday today. because its chiamin's bday. :] hmms. the movie is below average by 0.5 :] went with marissa,chiamin,shien and cherylll.

went ikea after that. see stuffs. den ate some stuffs. went back to tampines and marissa pei ed me to 201 to get my skirts. :]

but the shop was close. :"[ bought some new bedsheets for daddy because mummy left him out in the morning. he is sad. :"[

daddy hint me that its his birthday this month by coming into the room and say. AIYA. OLD LIAO LA. BELINDA U COME SEE MY WHITE HAIR. AIYA.. and he continued to say he is old blah blah blah. i dont really get what he mean. -o- until i heard the word retire. -o- i think he is only 40++.


so many retarded pictures today. -o-

nevermind. i cant find any normal one. -o- i shall just post some.. random ones. :]

mummy bought this for me. i like it because it can STAND. :]


and ya. i am sick. :"[ i wonder why am i sick on the starting of the month. i was sick during the starting of jan too. :"[

sad me.
i shall hide under my blanket and cry. :"[


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