Sunday, February 18, 2007

YAY. CNY. :]

but there is only one word to describe cny this year.. SIAAAAAN. :"[ but better than last year when we couldnt even get angbaos. :"[

went to visit grandmama first. every year everyone will say the same old thing..

(turns and 'spread the msg')

"BELINDA! (touch hand) last time arhs. so small only ah. (hand gestures) now leh? so tall. i think few more years u will be taller than me."

there are a few more. and whenever i hear all this. all i can do is to smile/giggle/whatever. -o-

grandmama, uncles and aunties keep giving me food when i told them i have eaten my lunch. and they will say. NEVERMIND NEVERMIND EAT MORE. THIS ONE NICE THIS ONE NICE. and then stuff it into my hands. -o-

i was waiting for dinner at 3rd uncle's house. love his cooking laaa. but he cook mama's share when she went to her friend's house. daddy and i stuffed in her share. -o- he said its basic manners. -o-

i made 3rd uncle's son cry because he spilled orange juice on my bag. -o- i thought i should be the one crying. :"[

heels got stuck in the drain twice. great.

i want to change my blogskin. :"[ if not i wont have that kind of BLOGGING MOOD. u know u know. xDD

i shall change it by today. :]


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