Sunday, March 28, 2010

its a quarter after 1

Day out w the bff to town. Surprisingly empty zzz but poor us can't afford to get anything. Everything is "say only lor". Spent my entire asset in bkk alr! Can't wait for pay day which is 8 days from now, HOW TO SURVIVE. Next week eat grass alr lor... (depressed face)

(i don't like to make my bed)

hand carry this back frm bkk!!

since 2008?? all black and dirty bt i still love it. i rmb they have names... sth and bob??

@slice eating our cheap ice.


AND YES OUR FAVE MANGO BANZAI AT FEP IS GONE!! Whr did it go... Sigh lucky we had it the last time we were thr. I rmb we use to have shilin fried chicken followed by mango banzai, damn fattening bt ya. Hope it shifted or sth, hope we can find it right M??



flower girl~




Highlight was our $9.80 icecream at marvelous cream!! But it was all worth or it will be very fml. First time i ate it was like the day they inserted rubber stuffs in between my teeth. W charmaine a year ago?? So much better this time round. (Y) Oh oh before that we had teriyaki bento ahhh what a sinful day!


doesnt look appealing... bt trust me its good.


Yay that was my sunday. Work routine back tmr... Damn sick of it alr i swear. Nvm, last week alr and pay is coming in hang on hang on. New phone new phone. Ke yi de!! Gna cont reading my communist story HAHA i've no idea why i'm into such stories bt... Ya.

Good night sleep tight!!

"don't be afraid of the world.
we're all just the people
you could've been."


Marissa said...

i miss banzai. sniff sniff

Belinda Foo said...

it will be back.............. i hope. t.t