Sunday, May 20, 2007

YAY. BOUGHT A NEW BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally. :] gillian says i am picky. :[ bought another top too. hhehehehess.

went to trim my hair a lil in the morning. now its almost no difference. hahahas. nevermind. xD den went to find yanshan and gillian. went bugis after that. :}

walked walked walked. den went yanshan house. :} weenxian was there toooooooooooo. yanshan cooked noodles for me. :] sat a while den went home. xD

i am tired. extreamly. -o-

heels strap broke. :[

yay. :]

yanshan, dont beee sad. :[
sorry marissa for not asking you along. :]

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