Sunday, May 06, 2007

yay. i finished memorizing history. :] i hope i wont forget it tml. :"{

in the afternoon, some freaking bees kept buzzing outside the window. >;[ i think the tree outside is way too tall. in a few years time it will reach my window (6th floor). i think i mentioned it before. someone. please chop of the tree outside. or the bees will invade my room. :"[

super tiring day. while i was reading how hitler controlled germany. i felt like sleeping. so i went down and bought ice cream. :] yay.

emaths paper 1 tml too. gahhs. :/ freaking 2 hours paper.

my mother calls this a SOTONG. -o-

cuuuuuuuute cuppie. :]

byebye. :]

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