Friday, July 14, 2006

BOOOOLIBIBABA. hmms. ITS FRIDAY. big sighs. i always love friday. but i dont love it today. becus. tml have to go to sch for bazzar. there is 2 pccg and 2 english today. sugu is a freak. in de poem. my grp wrote. FIERCER. there is de word fiercer isnt there.? asked mrs sng. she sae there is. and she even went to check de dictionary. but it didnt state there. :'[ weird sugu.

den mother tongue den 2 period of geog. marissa is tired. :] after sch went to meet yanshan den went to bought stuffs. crazy chiamin bought 4 notebooks. xD dens. went back to sch to find jiamin. saw ms goh. :] she is on braces. den went to food court and ate. i ate bread. :] ms goh n ms sim came after tat.

sat for quite long den head to library. borrowed few books. :] n its the end of today. xD blah blah blah. oh ya. gillian n jiamin fought on de bus today. how they fight is VERY funny. if u are there u will laugh till u cry. :]

AHHS. MUMMY QUIT HER JOB. because her boss is bad bad. AHHS. THERE WILL BE A PAIR OF EYES STARING AT ME WADEVER I DO WHENEVER IT IS WHEREVER I M. oh my. i m sure i cant get use to it. hope she find a new job. n i bet its about flowers again.

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