Friday, July 21, 2006

BLAHS. i have updated the photos up. but de captions looks weird to me. n i m lazy to adjust it. ok. belinda is a lazy girl. :'[

today. i m TIRED. tired of many things. i m mentally tired and physically tired. :] NORMALLY. i will be tired during geog. n awake becus after tat sch end. but todae i remained tired. so i went home. n saw mummy hanging her hair at the sofa n slping. its a weird posture. she is making her hair. drying her nail polish n slping. supermummy. oh ya. she is cooking red bean soup at tat time tooooooooooooo.

i waited for my hair to dry and went to take a "short' nap. frm 3 till 6.30 i think. den yanshan called. gave her de hmks. den went to on computer. chatted with jorene on de phone. n chiamin on de phone. xD i think i wont be able to slp well tonight. but i m still tired. blahs. i dreamt of chiamin. :'[ i remembered her saying WALAU EH. in my dream. :'[ sighs. let me stop here. xD

the onli problem is. acting like u know when u dont know.

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