Saturday, July 29, 2006

mauahhas. i realise i didnt update my wonderful blog for 4 days. i m busy. busy me. :]

wednesday. hmms. i dont know. :] normal sch day i guess. xD oh ya. i made my ezlink card. and de picture sarks like hell. blahs. didnt go for cca and accompanied shien. with cheryl. :]

thursday. super duper upset. >:[

friday. didnt go sch. :] terrible headache. and. cough. i have been coughing since last saturday. why wouldnt it stop. sad me. :'[ spent my day. in the hospital accompanying aunt. :] den went to meet chiamin. marissa. jairius. changed and went to meet. hmms. de rest.:] plus chiamin's cousin. went to pasir ris. and went back to hospital to accompany aunt.

saturday. spent my day in hospital to accompany aunt again. woke up at 7 and went to her house and took some clothings for her. :'[ spent. very very long hours there. 6 or 7 hours there. marissa is wandering alone around tmart. went to find her and ate mac. went home after tat. :] i m alone at home. :'[ tml shall be another day with aunt. i shall finish my undone hmks today. :]

blahs. life is so. messy. messy belinda. eating lemons belinda. its sour. :'[

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