Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i am yawning yawining.

suppose to have tuition at 3. teacher changed to 3.30. and i am waiting waiting waiting. changed my skin. :] dadada. my whole day was ruined by sugu. >:[ she gave me a 0 for tat idiotic compo de others do. i was ABSENT on tat freaking day. and i heard frm people tat. cannot photocopy. and blah blah blah. n i jus assume tat i will get frm her on monday. on monday i told her she sae she will deal with me. den i jus wait. u cant expect me to tag around her like a. bumble bee. and i got freakingly scolded today. yadayada. forget about it.

during math. i was shouted by shorty ng. i dont know he is saying zul or meeeeeee. i tot there is a test. n told khim. he jus shouted: DONT ANYHOW SPREAD RUMOURS ABOUT TEST AH. shity shorty ng. i think he shouted tat. asshole ng. curses to him. hope he shrink. >:{ and when he was giving out de papers. he jus count and left it on my table. i tot tat was my row's. so i start flipping and look for mine. n chiamin rushed me to pass back. i was lazy to explain. and shorty ng came in front and ask me to stand up n give out. why didnt he sae ealier. AHHS. my day is so ruined tat. small lil things can make me. pissed. >:[

eg. now. its .3.45 n my freaking tution teacher is freaking late for dont know how many freaking times.

but something cheered me up. when i was on 28. i saw gabriel. and 2 maids. and 2 small kids. one of the maid. have 2 pieces of tissue paper sticking out of her tank top. i asssumme tat she was wiping de sweat at her back. and saw her fren. n waved without taking out de tissue. gabriel saw me and gave me one look. tat proud look.

sighs. i shall start with the projects. sighs. where are there so many projects. home econs. science. english. followed by history later on. sighs. why mus there be tests. so many tests. cries.

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