Wednesday, August 09, 2006

dadadadaada. i jus woke up frm my NAP. woke up at 10am by NICHIAMIN. hide in room till 10.30. cus i dont wan to go aunt house. :] but while sms-ing with chiamin. daddy came in and asked meee. mummy helped me to say i didnt wan to go. :}

sent daddy there. mummy and mee went for lunch. den went to buy some foood for dinner. :] once i reached home. i read de boooook. and took a nap at 12.30. i told myself i will slp till 1 and conitnue de scinece project. but. i dont know how did i sleep till 3. hehehe.

woke up at 3 and went to drink some wonderful soap and ate nuggets. *burps* later uncle is comming. o: my house is full of guests lately. daddy's fren. aunty uncle. and now anohter uncle. sighs. i cant sit with my leg on de chair. *HE-HE-HE* i always give a super nice impression. onli dad will bad-mouth me. about how lazy i m to go to their houses. :'[

lalalas. i shall realli start doing on projects. BYE BYEEEE~~~~~~

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