Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HELLO. now in computer club. xD going to the TOUCH community centre. with mrs low i guess. xD dadadaaaaaaaa. will reach home at around 7. and home econs project is due tml. or seh needs it tml. still got chinese test. AHHS. LET ME DIE. streeeeessss. stresss. gillian is rushing me to go toilet. sighs. sad me. dadaada. i have to GOOOOOOoooooooooo. BYE BYE. i will upload some photos IF i have. its weird to have someone looking at u blog. *looks at marissa*

HI. I AM MARISSA. :3D I AM A NICE GIRL. yays. belinda is scratching herself. YEAH :D belinda has black wrinkles :(

( wow, marissa is so touched :D )

p.s : we are going to play maple later ;)

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