Saturday, August 12, 2006

today is a tiring day. woke up. ate a bread and went to chiain's house. waited for aynshan and went swim swim. for quite long. hope i am not tanned. xD i still cant stick my head out. :'[ sighs. dens went up to chiamin's house. ate lunch. watched a while tv. den yanshan n me went to take a short nap while marissa and chiamin had tution. :]

soooooooooooooo comfy. woke up and watched tv. hehehe. ate dinner. and left with marissa and yanshan. took bus with yanshan. and went homme. i am tired. mummy is in bad moooooood. dont know if i can go out tml. :'[ sighs. big big sighs. i guess she is having pms. sighs. sighs.

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