Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HMMMMMMMMMS. todae is quite sian. xDD chiamin is coming back todae. o: can seee her TML. YAYS. fun fun. lalalas. todae. normal lessons. english teacher is still mrs sung. o: blah blah blahs. she say things which tat. is. angry-able. saying part of mr lai leaving is becus of 2e3. blahs. maybe she is lying. but tats rather offending. xD

had one hmk todae. got de science project thingy. sians. :'[ after sch went to mac with shien gillian n cheryl. gillian left first. n we sat for quite a long time in mac. talking about stuffs. xDD talked till 4.30 lidddat. den. went homee. with shien n her real dragon. xDD

blah blah blah. i shall go n do my english article. :]

the scariest thing about hatred is when u dont know tat u are being hate.
those hu take advantage of the weaker ones are despised. those are named as LOSERS.

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