Tuesday, June 20, 2006

lalalas. its TUESDAE. blah blah blah. its freaking good to slp in the morning. cold cold. xDD wanted to slp longer. so msg shien told her later. :] wonderful me. saw a cockroach todae. >:[ it ruined my lovely dae. meet shien and head to marissa's house. at changi. we went there to do HMK.

lovely house. den. did my lite. n 2 newspaper articles. still got 6 more to go. i shall do it later. n complete de homeworks by todae. :] took cab home as i had TUITION. :'[ reached home. n rest. cockroach flew out again. GRRRS. irritating thingy. i didnt manage to kill it. mama teached me tat cockraoch must be killed. or they will lay their eggs in the house. i was SCARED. one blardie egg has 10++ of baby cockroach.? even more.? imagine the house is filled with tat. -.-

tuition-ed. continued with graph. cant draw a SMOOTH curve graph. >:[ my drawing sarks. :] learnt pythagoras' theorem. fun fun. triangles. xD watched tv and ate dinner. i shall find new songs. :] BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.

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