Sunday, June 18, 2006

WOOOOOS. its FATHER'S DAY todae. wonderful. xD hmms. SUPPOSED to cook in the afternoon. but i woke up late. xD AHHS. I CANT SLP AT NIGHT. ITS DE 3RD DAE. i dont know why. :'[

dustered my room todae. :] fun fun. den cooked. its nice. :] of course its nice. its cooked by meeeee. :] forgetten to take a picture of de final thingy. its YUMMMMMMMMMMY. but it dont look yummy. :'[ lalalas. wonderful dae. xDD

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my cunning, stingy, petty, kind, loving, handsome dad. :] (it took me a LOOOONG time to take this picture. daddy dont take pictures when he wears spec. like father like daughter. he is shy. xD) i love my daddy. maybe it will nv change. :] someone can cahnge it. someone. :]

as the hatred increases.

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