Wednesday, April 14, 2010

this is my 1330th post

from town,



we cabbed to bugis....


and we ended up at an organic cafe




whr we had yummy organic taupok


and some yucky organic drink


and then it started to rain damn heavily tt it looked like it was night time but we braved through the rain to sim lim sq (and gt kinda drenched) bt didnt get what i want zzz. so somehow we ended up in plaza sing and the happy gurl gt her bag (yes frm town => bugis => ps for the perfect bag). all i got was a pencil holder and a box of push pins frm diaso.

Fml but jean felt more fml bcos her perfect bag gt a scratch on it. :(

Tday will be a better day. Chalet w 1b10 and w baby richelle coming over, do expect photo spam hehehe.

Have a gr8 day ahead!! ♥.♥

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